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Letter to patriarchy


You have been visiting me for a while now. From the time I was a little girl on holidays where all the shopping done was in planning for my trousseau. My father bought a watch for my imaginary husband with the money he earned working both ends of the candlestick. My mother told me time and again this could be the last family holiday as marriage constantly loomed over our heads. All this before I was even 15. My going out, choice in education and career were all dictated by you. I hated you. I hated everyone who listened to you.

As I hated you I was able to see your power. You were like the black spider virus that engulfed Spider-Man. You made Spider-Man do bad things. I had to start to see the difference between you and Spider-Man without you. I needed to make friends with the spidermen in my life. My family my husband my connection with my culture and people around me.

Today I feel while many others cant see you when you infect others, I can. This makes a lot of people angry, and to me that is a sign of infection too. I am protecting myself and my children with enough vaccinations like education, non dependence on money and non conformity to protect us from you and your ability to camouflage and take over.

There are times that I feel alone when I am the only one hiding in a room because everyone else is infected and i am scared to come out. There are other times when people don’t want me out as They feel I have the infection. I use those times to strengthen my vaccine dose and read.

I hope we eradicate you patriarchy. I hope that my daughters see you and fight you and don’t let you control them and their desires. I know when they see me fighting you sometimes they wonder why I like to make things hard. But then we talk and with talking we are able to resist your charms like a shield. They appreciate the hard-work that becomes visible when you are not there. They feel less confused because life and people make sense once the focus is fine tuned. I will fight you till my death. You have already lost because I see you, and my girls see you in plain sight.

Your nemesis,


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