About Us


Following the vision of Hand in Hand, USA we dream of a world of warm, loving families where parents are well supported and responsive to the needs, fears, hopes and dreams of their children.

Well-supported parents are natural leaders within their families and their communities. And  because they truly

understand how to listen and connect with their children, they will raise a generation of involved, creative, visionary problem solvers who will transform the world.

Megha Mawandia


Social Worker, Parent Counsellor, HiH Cert.

Born and raised in Mumbai, India Megha is a mother of two girls and worked in marketing and brand design for 10 years. When her younger daughter was diagnosed with special needs Megha took a sabbatical to equip herself with tools to support her better. The tool collection took her all over the world opening up options and opportunities. This emotional journey of supporting her family brought her to Hand in Hand.

A trained parent counsellor (Hand in Hand USA) social worker (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) and narrative therapist (Ummeed Child Development Center), she is passionate about helping people explore their role as parents and encourages spouses to better support each other in their parenting.


Brought up in a traditional Marwari family and a self proclaimed liberal she understands the polarizing

pull between tradition and modern society challenges. She founded Triyoke to provide a platform using scientific and research based information for parents and teachers to make conscious decisions for their children. Still in initial stages Triyoke is working hard and connecting with advisors in India and internationally to allow it to become a pioneer in this space of supporting children.


Megha works with parents through general parenting challenges like toilet training, siblings, and sleep struggles and also through larger traumas like death and divorce that a family might experience.

Tanya Nagpal
Junior Psychologist & Communications Manager

Tanya is a Social Psychologist & Therapist. She uses a client centred, dynamic approach, adapting her style to best suit the clients' needs. Being trained in REBT & TA Therapy, Tanya believes in striking a balance between the why and the what now. 

As the Communications Manager, she runs all of Triyoke's Social Media channels, as well as our external communications.

In her spare time she enjoys philosophy, cooking and the occasional board game. 

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Payandeh Morris

Payandeh is an intern at Triyoke and a Master’s student of Clinical Psychology. Her passions include playing the violin, long runs and travelling. She hopes to contribute meaningfully in the field of psychology some day. She also enjoys crime documentaries.

At Triyoke, Payandeh works to support the team across all departments, including Social Media and Communication.

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Funshala Team

Triyoke is a registered not for profit and our team does significant work in the slums of Mumbai to take the Hand in Hand Parenting tools along with other education based initiatives to those who need them the most.
Caroline Nagar
Head of Academic Support

Caroline loves working with communities. While a long-standing working member of Akanksha, Caroline is popularly known as Caroline di. Caroline moonlights as an amateur quilter when she is not busy coming up with more creative ways to teach the teachers. Our shining light, the team is glued together because of the effort and joy Caroline brings to all of us. Never a pushover, you can always see Caroline standing up for what she believes in and listen to stories of her ‘bacchas’ as they have shown what community intervention can do. Always preferring to be behind the scenes.. we couldn’t get her to share a picture for this page! 

Salim Sheikh
Community Worker​

Our community worker who is always on the go. Salim is the glue that gets the centers to run and children to come. Every community he goes to he is welcomed as a son and he hold responsibilities like a family member too. There is no issue that a community is dealing with that doesn’t affect Salim’s heart and he always has projects he wishes to implement. Without Salim we wouldn’t know where to start! Salim is also one of the earliest members of our team and has worked tirelessly to not only support the centers but also to grow the reach of our Funshala schools. Salim wishes to become a lawyer and help people in his community.

Suman Jaiswal


One of the first members to join the teaching team. Suman loves dancing when she is not teaching. She likes the idea of change that comes with the creative ideas that the children come up with. She says, ‘When we see the sky we think about 1 or 2 things, but when children see the sky they come up with many more unique ideas.’ Suman is in her final year of college and hopes to travel the world.

Soni Kamat


Currently studying BA at Sophia college. Soni joined us after a stint with Naz foundation. Soni says, 'I like learning under Caroine di as she helps me to understand all the difficulties I'm having in teaching or understanding. I get help with my English and better communication skills.' If not teaching you can catch Soni playing netball or listening to music.

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Muskaan Sheikh


Muskaan looks small but packs a punch. She is currently studying and holding 3 jobs! Muskaan loves teaching and alongside Triyoke’s Funshala centers, Muskaan also takes tuition classes for additional help for the children. Muskaan feels she has gained immensely in her time at Triyoke. She likes seening the happiness on the children’s faces and feels her own confidence levels have been built up because of the mentorship she gets. ‘This not only helps me become a good teacher but also a good human being’.

Mamta Dhiver

After working at Antarang Foundation Mamta joined our Funshala team. We love stories of Mamta’s family which gives relationship goals for the rest of us! Her mother is a complete power house. Mamta brings joy into the classes where she feels she is reliving her childhood and getting respect for it! Mamta is only 20 and already finished with her graduation. She is also looking forward to travel the world.