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For Individuals & Families 

Family Therapy

Family relationships go through many turns and sometimes one needs help and support to navigate them. There can be situations like trauma and grief that can make the journey difficult or even create rifts. Traditionally this role was played by a community/spiritual leader or the family head. With the changing social landscape this is increasingly requiring the skills of a professional mental health therapist.

We work with multiple members of the family to address interpersonal challenges and to create an environment where change & development can be nurtured. Family therapy can involve sessions with different family members, as well as individual sessions when required.

Read about some of the challenges of parenting & family life on our blog or through our videos on Youtube.

Couples' Therapy

We are a LGBTQI informed practice with no alliance to structured forms of marriage. 


When working with a couple we hold at the centre - their hopes and beliefs in the relationship and help them find solutions in their journey. The hope can be to to fix the relationship (or marriage) or the hope can be to put a feeling or value center stage which might be better without the marriage. 


We help with understanding what is at the center for them as individuals and then seeing how it aligns with each other as a unit.


Our couples counselling is done with or without the partner.

An individual can decide to make the change. 

Parent Coaching 

You might be struggling with “how tos” in parenting, or maybe experiencing emotional flooding when your children fight. You might be feeling your parenting journey is not what you imagined it to be and looking for ways to bring it back on track or you might be dealing with a challenge like a special need or grief trauma and feeling under equipped to understand your next steps.


As a Hand in Hand Parenting partnered organisation we will connect you to a coach who will hand hold you through the journey while helping you find answers you need. We do not push products or align ourselves with one approach over another. We believe in supporting the parent, upholding their hopes and dreams and helping them where they need help. 


You can get support for this through one on one work, signing up for one of our workshops or by browsing our collection of resources through the blog. We strive to help our audience get the information they need through our social media channels, you can be a part of our community and learn useful tips & tools to help you in your journey.

Specialised Services

We have a panel of experts across different areas of mental health & parenting concerns, that we can refer a consult to if you are seeking help in the areas of -


Sensory Processing Needs

Play Therapy

Occupational Therapy 

Autism/ADHD Intervention

Speech & Language Therapy 

Baby Sleep Concerns

Dance Movement Therapy

To know more about the experts on our panel, watch our Expert Live Talks

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For Schools


Along with the workshops for parents we provide options to train your teachers in the softer ways of dealing with children and can provide a consultancy for parents at your school.

We are happy to work with the parents of your school in your school premises. With a scheduled time set up, we can be available to counsel the parent who feel the need to work on better supporting their children and themselves.

Along with the workshops for parents we provide teacher training in the softer ways of dealing with children. Teachers have a difficult role with many children pulling them in multiple directions. The olden days of teacher intimidation are behind us, but many of us are not equipped with the tools to have listening in the classroom. The HiH tools can help the teachers listen so the children feel secure and happy.

One on One Counselling

The one on one session is for you if you have a very specific area of concern or if you are not sure what it is you are looking for. It can be a starting point to explore and understand your journey with your mental health.

You can book a one on one session with Megha Mawandia or Samanta Duggal.

Megha is a narrative therapy practitioner who uses methods of preferred spaces and rich story development in her work. As our founder she has a passion for parenting work but also has a lot of experience in addiction, grief and anxiety. Megha works with individuals in all age groups and you can fill up this form to book a session with her.

Samanta is a body movement therapist using NLP and somatic practices. Extremely effective in trauma work, Samanta helps break patters that talk therapy isn't sufficient to bridge.

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