Triyoke is committed to helping parents develop more meaningful connections with their children.


Children, like all humans, have a natural need to love and be loved. Hand in Hand’s approach helps families from a wide range of communities to build or strengthen the all-important parent-child connection.

Research shows that a solid parent-child connection builds children’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning. By supporting parents emotionally and providing practical tools for the emotional support of children, we help parents strengthen their parent-child connection.

When parents follow our approach, their children make smarter choices, not out of fear of punishment, but because they are less stressed, more connected, and attuned. Their children also build confidence in themselves, which allows them to act from their own values and not those of their peers.

The challenge of strengthening families and reducing family stress is real. And so is the solution.

You can read more about this on the Hand in Hand Parenting website.


Individual sessions

Group sessions

We have a variety of workshops to suit youe needs. You can join an existing group or host your own workshop for a group of friends or club on a variety of topics. We conduct individual workshops as well as set series.

If you want to get involved with the vision of Triyoke please get in touch we want your valuable input.

Parents are at the center of whatever we do.

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Training and Support

For professionals like therapists, pediatricians and teachers working with children with or without special needs, we organise support groups and curate special workshops for your center's parents. Support groups are known to have a cathartic effect opening up hope and opportunity. Our work never interferes with your domain as we do not offer advice on therapy, but provide strength and resiliance to the parent.

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Along with the workshops for parents we provide options to train your teachers in the softer ways of dealing with children and can provide a consultancy for parents at your school.

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Support group

We are committed to reach out to parents and communities regardless of their ability to pay. We are happy to create solutions for your community which will help spread the importance of connections and create more resiliance in families.

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