One on One support

If you are struggling with sleep or aggression, if your child has some specific needs, if you and your spouse don't see eye in small and big parenting decisions, you can get in touch for a private session. We offer a safe place where you can release your stress and get scientific and empathetic support in your parenting journey.

Cost Rs 2200 for 1 session

         Rs 12,000 for 6 sessions

*concessions available

6 week toolbox- in person

Learn 5 simple tools to support your parenting. We use connection, love and laughter to set limits and help our children find their emotional balance. Groups are limited to 6 participants and meet once a week for 6 weeks in 90 minute group sessions and get 3 hours of one on one support to work on their parenting challenges.

Location Nepeansea Rd Mumbai

Cost Rs15,000 for 9 hours of group support and 3 hours of one on one.

Sex- That difficult talk

Sex is a topic that brings about varied reactions and cuts deep into our value systems. With the exposure being at its all time high, children need to be protected and equipped with timely information so they don't fall prey to predators.

Statistically 1 in 2 children is exposed to some form of pornographic material before the age of 9 and 75% of boys are engaging in pornographic material by the age of 12. 

The best way to protect our children is by arming them with knowledge so they bring their curiosities as well as anxieties to us.

In this 3 day workshop learn how to talk, when to talk and what to talk. For parents of age 4 and above.

Cost Rs 4500 for 3 sessions of 90 mins each

Meal Time Challenger

Don't we all wish our child would sit on the dinner table and eat everything we served without being coaxed? Learn how! Why are meal times a challenge and how to deal with them without loosing your cool. We offer targeted support to groups of friends looking for help.

Cost Rs 1500 per participant

Time 90 mins

Sibling Rivalry

Why can't siblings get along? What to do when they fight? How to be there for both of them without feeling like you need to cut yourself up? We offer targeted support to groups of friends looking for help.

Cost Rs 1500 per participant

Time 90 mins

Ongoing skill building

May 28, 2023

For those who have finished their 6 week toolbox we offer an ongoing support group where we meet 2 times a month to share and discuss challenges while using the tools with our children. These groups have been known to create deep relationships among the parents and become each others support pillars for life.

Cost Rs 6000 for 3 months

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